Sea Cucumber (Stychopus japonicus)


Трепанг (1)Golden Horn Bay, on the shores of which is situated in Vladivostok, in the old days was called «Haishenvei», which means «bay of sea cucumber».

«Sea cucumber» is called by Russian for its elongated shape, however, this similarity ends. Definition, seems more accurate, is “sea ginseng” because of the content of mineral substances exceeds other shellfish. It is 1000 times more compounds of copper and iron than fish contains vitamins C, B12, thiamine, riboflavin; iodine compounds, calcium, phosphorus and others.

Far Eastern trepang is considered one of the most expensive delicacies. Despite the fact that the Chinese coast is home of 20 kinds of sea cucumbers, including such commercially important as Thelenota ananas, Actinopyga miliaris, Holothuria nobilis, the most highly valued product is  the Far Eastern sea cucumber (Stychopus japonicus), so it is in high demand in China , Korea, Japan. The main consumer of the products of the sea cucumber is China.

The nutritional value of sea cucumber provides a high protein content and lack of cholesterol. In addition to the nutritional value of sea cucumber has medicinal value. Information about the medicinal value of the Far Eastern sea cucumber found even in the literature of the XVI century. According to Chinese sources, the sea cucumber was used for medicinal purposes since the time of the Ming Dynasty. Products from the sea cucumber have stimulating and restorative properties. Modern studies have shown that extracts of these sea cucumbers have a pronounced biological activity. Biological effects contained in the Far Eastern trepang chemical compounds belonging to the triterpene glycosides, hexosamine and lipids have been most thoroughly studied.

Modern scientific research has found that the active ingredients of sea cucumber, contributing to rapid regeneration of his internal organs, very rich of bio-elements, exert a rejuvenating effect. It was found that sea cucumber drugs help with inflammatory diseases of the skeletal muscles and the musculoskeletal system.

Triterpene glycosides, contained in sea cucumber, have a strong anti-fungal and anti-tumor effect.

Steroidal glycosides, which are also contained in sea cucumber, have antitumor effect. Far Eastern sea cucumber’s lipids have a broad anti-sclerotic effect, reduce blood’s cholesterol level.

Contained in the tissues of sea cucumber mucopolysaccharides and chondroitin are used in the treatment of atherosclerosis and related disorders.

Sea cucumber tissues contain almost the entire range of water-soluble vitamins C, group B (thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid), PP, folic acid. Stychopus japonicus contains a rich set of active chemical compounds that act separately or in combination, causing high pharmacological value of products derived from it.

Methionine and taurine are two interdependent amino acids. Taurine synthesis depends on the amount of methionine, taurine reduces irritability, improves brain activity and memory.

Selenium can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and the further spread of cancerous lesions, support the immune system in equilibrium. The most powerful anticancer weapon of trepang is triterpenoid, it stops the metastasis by inhibiting migration and proliferation of cancer cells in the body.

The eating of sea cucumber boosts immunity, activity, performance, keeps the youth and elasticity of the skin. Sea cucumber is rich in arginine, which helps middle-aged women keep youth, so it is widely used in cosmetology. One of the most important components is the antioxidant enzyme of superoxide dismutase, which reduces the risk of diseases of the skin and internal organs.

It is recommended for tuberculosis, anemia, thyroid diseases.

The Chinese also called trepang as “Sea Viagra”, because of its aphrodisiac features. Trepang increases the potency, improve erection, increases brain activity, is able to slow the aging of the sex glands and increases libido, has anti-inflammatory effect on the cellular level, improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs and helps stimulate sexual function.

Another useful feature of sea cucumber – is its effect on the circulatory system: it purifies the blood, prevents high blood pressure, diseases of the brain, helping patients recover after a heart attack, prevents blood clots, reduces blood sugar levels and improves blood circulation.

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